Rental Price:

USD $96 per week, paid every 12 weeks in advance.¹

5% discount if paying with crypto.²

Purchase Price:

USD $24,000 (Twenty-four thousand).¹

5% discount if paying with crypto.²

5% extra if paying via³

For those on a tight budget, the rental option provides a low-cost, zero-commitment way to try out your idea with an impressive .com domain while retaining the option to buy, at the original price, at any time.⁵


¹ We accept bank transfers. We also accept, and highly recommend, transfers via (formerly known as TransferWise).

² We accept any cryptocurrency listed by Kraken (

The 5% discounted crypto RENTAL price is USD $1,094.40 every 12 weeks in advance.

The 5% discounted crypto PURCHASE price is USD $22,800.

³ The total PURCHASE price when paying via is USD $25,200.

US company are the world's biggest escrow provider, adding trust to billions of dollars in transactions every year. They hold the money until the buyer confirms that they have received the purchased item.

The extra 5% covers all fees + our time. We provide this option because some buyers feel more comfortable using an intermediary but it does require extra paperwork, coordination, bank fees, and unpredictable delays.

⁴ We offer no discount or percentage to domain professionals (agents, brokers, and traders) but, upon request, would be willing to take down this pricing page for an agreed period to facilitate your own negotiations.

⁵ If renting to you, we will not sell, market, or offer the domain to anyone else.

You also retain the option to buy, at the original price, at any time while you are still renting. You can inexpensively test your idea without worrying that, if your project is successful, the purchase price will suddenly increase.

The rental agreement continues for as long as you pay the full rent in advance as scheduled. You can quit at any time, without notice and with no further obligations, by simply not paying the next twelve weeks.

All online companies should ultimately own their domain, but the lower intial outlay of renting allows more ideas to be tested. A memorable and credible .com domain can make the difference between success and failure.